Kohana Hirikano {{Done}}

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Kohana Hirikano {{Done}}

Post by Kohana Hirikano on Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:23 pm

Name: Kohana Hirikano

Age: 21

Kohana is a quiet natured girl. She's friendly and polite when spoken to, but rarely speaks otherwise. She's extremely shy around the opposite sex and refuses to talk around them. She's calm in stressful situations and always thinks things through before acting out. She's a bit of a pacifist and doesn't fight unless the situation is dire. She's incredibly intelligent, but doesn't flaunt it. She, however, hates conversations with airheaded females. Kohana isn't one for social events. She prefers a quiet night at home with her plants and a good book.

Kohana appears frail and delicate. She is very slender. She has a C cup bust, slender hips, and a narrow waist. Her hair is long and aqua blue in color. Her eyes are her defining feature. She was born with Heterachromia. Her left eye is green, her right being blue. She always wears long, flowing sun dresses and straw sandals. She wears her ninja headband around her right arm.

History: Kohana was born to Mikan and Hiro Hirikano. She was an only child, and was happily spoiled by her parents. Kohana wasn't like other children. She loved to read. When other kids were outside playing at recess, Kohana was in the library with her face in a book. She was always quiet. Throughout junior high and high school, she never had many friends. She never bothered to. Other students were intimidated of her intellect and her cold appearance. Kohana really didn't mind. More time to focus on her studies. She graduated High school at the top of her class with straight A's and a 4.0 GPA. She received many scholorships and went to college for her degree in botany and her teaching degree. After college, she applied at Kesaku's School for the Gifted. She teaches Plant Science and botany.

Teaches?: Botany/Plant Science

Other?: (N/Al)
Kohana Hirikano

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Re: Kohana Hirikano {{Done}}

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