Taimoshi Hateshinai

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Taimoshi Hateshinai

Post by Taimoshi on Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:32 pm

[Taimoshi Hateshinai]



[Taimoshi is a kind young guy. He's sweet, daring, outgoing. He is kind and gentle to the ladies and he loves to race in any kind of way but his favorite way is rollerskating. He takes up a liking in art and painting, drawing and designing and so on. Often caught at crime scenes for vandalism and graffeti. He would spray paint walls and such. He isn't a bad guy but it seems like it from the way he looks. He loves actions and wouldn't mind getting into a fight ever so often. Most of the time he shows respect to others but usually he wouldn't give a care if your in his age range or pissing him off. If you aren't worthy of his respect, he won't give you an ounce of it. Besides racing, fighting and art. Taimoshi takes up a liking of music. He has a guitar at home that he practices on and one dream dreams of three things. Becoming a well known artist, becoming a car racer or being a guitarist in a well famed band. However it seems with his bad grades and his easy side tracked mind that he won't be able to reach those dreams. So he does criminal acts such as commiting crimes and breaking rules. However on the inside, Taimoshi is a good guy.]


[Taimoshi's parents always fueded with each other. His father was abusive and would hit Taimoshi's mother to the point where he and his mother couldn't take it anymore. They got a divorce and left each other. There he went to another land and enrolled in a new school. Taimoshi's mother was a famous singer but his father was a famous criminal. Taimoshi was mixed inbetween two destinies. His father was a mob boss so he was destined to be the young leader of the mob when his father died. Taimoshi didn't want that lifestyle. He wanted something better. He insisted on going to school and getting a better destiny. His father didn't like the idea but he let him do as he pleased. Taimoshi had criminal blood, he was gonna resort to a violent life sooner or later and it's true. Taimoshi hanged out with the wrong crowd of people. Sucked un the influence his father tried to get him with but didn't succeed. Now Taimoshi is the leader of a small gang around the school that pick on and bully the rest of the kids for the fun of it. Just because they don't care and many other reasons. On the inside. Taimoshi wants to reach out from the life he's living right now. Currently, he feels like a younger version of his father which only makes him hate himself on the inside.

[Second Year]

[Racing in anytype of way]


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Re: Taimoshi Hateshinai

Post by Label on Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:43 pm

ahhhhh its ikito!(or something close to it lol)



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