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Annabel Williams

Post by Annabel Williams on Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:59 pm

Name: Annabel Williams

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Annabel is very shy and does not try to talk to anyone often. She has a bad history with her parents and have suffered from many problems up until she had turned 16. She used to get herself into trouble, and didn't make friends easily, and when she did, they weren't quality friends.

Looks: Annabel dresses in darker clothing. She has bright hazel eyes and dark brown hair that goes to her chest. She is very thin and has an alluring beauty she often tries to hide behind her face.

History: When Annabel was a small child, she had witnessed her father compulsively drinking. She had found that he was often violent with her mother, and it frightened her. When she was old enough to realize what was going on, her father began to threaten her and abuse her as well.

Eventually, her mother had grown ill and died of sickness. Her father took over her custody and continued to abuse her. Eventually, when she turned 11, she was old enough and strong enough to handle more that he wanted. He had sexually abused her. Eventually she had gone to the police and he was arrested. She had been moved to her aunt, Emilia.

Annabel stayed very quiet and decided that she couldn't be around anyone. She began to focus on her interests and started to write more poems and play piano. She became a prodigy at her work in a small time and was accepted into a gifted highschool. Unfortunately, the apprehension had not gone away and she had started drinking and doing drugs. She had fortunately quit before the age of 16.

Grade: second year

Talent: Piano

Other: Annabel is a victim suffering from Insomnia, Cystic Fibrosis, and mental stress due to her history.

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Re: Annabel Williams

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