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Francis Delacroix

Post by Lee_Takamoto on Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:22 am

Name: Francis Delacroix

Age: 22

Personality: Very laid back. Never does more than he has to. Lives by the rule of thumb "Everything will work itself out". He will very rarely do any sort of hard labor and would rather sleep.


History: Francis never liked work. Ever since day one of his life. He always noticed that if something wasn't done, someone else would do it at some point. He would just rather sit out in the sun and go to sleep or rest inside in the air conditioning. He found the school one day after walking around trying to find his car and decided the air from the building was nice. He filled out and received a job as the best job he could think of...housing. What better way to spend your time than sleeping in a chair that someone else made?

Teaches?: Housing and Interiors

Other?: He is strangely fast and agile, more than a normal person


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