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Lyn Fang

Post by michellechan2211 on Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:05 am

Name: Lyn Fang
Age: 28
Personality: She makes a normal introvert seem positively like a social butterfly. She often give one word responses, and most other times, she would just turn before turning back to her computer. She rarely replies, if at all, to the outside world.

Looks: she has a side parted fringe and she has long auburn hair that sticks out everywhere. The only thing that she seems to pay concern to is her jackets, which are always straight. She wears wrinkled black jeans and a t-shirt under the jacket. She has soft brown eyes that always seem to be staring in space.

History: She wasn’t always an extreme introvert, although she was always a techie geek. However, she was hurt so badly by someone that she started turning inwards till her outer self is almost non-existent. It is evident from everything about her that she does not care about the outside world anymore, from her very messy hair to her choice of (crumpled!) clothes. Her rationale? The computers can’t hurt you. However… if you dare laugh at her, she’ll make you wish you hadn’t.

Teaches: Computer science

Others: When she is not on the computer, she does enjoy playing the piano. She has more than one laptop and handphone- a ridiculous amount of them, in fact.

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Re: Lyn Fang

Post by Lee_Takamoto on Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:06 am

Approved~ ^_^


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