Irie James

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Irie James

Post by Irie on Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:51 pm

Name: Irie James


Personality: Irie is a bit outgoing, he enjoys going to parties and such and meeting new people. Hes a big pothead and always carries some with and a lighter. He likes singing or screaming in bands. He's into any girl thats decent looking and usually makes some type of move on them when he feels like it. He skips classes often to go do whatever he feels like, he honestly does not care if hes going anywhere with his life or not at this point.


History: Irie along with his brother Shane moved from a small stormy dark town in the middle of the UK, His parents fell Ill and were dying, so they sent they're children with what money they had left to an advanced school so they could live a better life. But Irie in spite of this ditches school and doe's things he shouldn't be doing at all, Hes a sophomore who focuses more on music and drugs more so then his school work. He has a pretty bad reputation in school for being a pot head but he doesn't mind the hate or whatever else it brings, hes having fun with himself doing this and plans to continue doing so.

Class: Second Year



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Re: Irie James

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