Senetue Hirona

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Senetue Hirona

Post by Senetue on Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:13 pm

Name: Senetue Hirona or Ray the Clown

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: One may say that Senetue is psychopathic and deserves to be locked away in a padded cell while another would have to say that he is a genius and deserves an award for the sort of strange and twisted schemes he dreams up. Senetue is that typical class clown as he always jokes around and yet he is always seen with a wide smile or smirk on his face depending on what he was doing. He seems impossible to enrage and no one recently has been able to tick him off as he had long since learned to shrug everything off. If you plan on hanging out with Senetue, expect a wild ride.


History: Senetue had been going to this school for some time now as this was about his fourth year being there and yet he had drastically changed from the third year to this year due to unknown means as he was converted from a quiet and intelligent hard worker to an annoying and intelligent clown. He was once considered the unromantic and study focused Senetue who had no time to be with friends and always tried to look towards increasing his grade point average to the point that it was near perfect. Yet now after the strange change he tends to be rather annoying as he always lays little prank traps out for people to stumble in just so he can mess around with some one but at times he has shown to be rather romantic, even though it leads towards something bad for the person he is showing feelings for. Once he went so far as to set up a trap that ended up causing the girl to go hairless until she was able to grow it back which he only laughed in response to the countless questions from her friends and constant yelling he got from her. Though there is a chance that if some one can put up with his attitude and pranks that he might soften and show a much more... natural personality.

Class: Fourth Year

Talent: High intelligence and incredible athleticism

Other?: Has a great fear of spiders and usually squeals and runs away when he sees one.


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Re: Senetue Hirona

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